Anmeldeformular für Au-Pair nach Schweden / Dänemark

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Childcare experience:
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In which year(s) did you make these experiences?
Have you worked as an au-pair or nanny before?
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Briefly describe your personality, and why you would like to be an au-pair:
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Health condition:
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Which childhood diseases have you had?
Have you had any serious sickness or handicap lately?
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Can you send us a medical certificate, if required?
Dear family!

* Write a short introductory letter to your future host family. Tell them a little bit about your hobbies, personal interests and future plans.
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We can have our partner agency present an advertisement on their website containing your first name, age, target destination and country of residence as well as the information you provided about driving licence, previous child care experience and personality. This advertisement will improve your chances of getting the perfect host family quickly.